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Let’s Tour!

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are so excited to announce that we have resumed using our van for all tours! All staff members are fully vaccinated!  Our greatest concern continues to be your safety when you decide you are ready to travel again. If you prefer not to travel in our van, we have other options available. We are waiting for you, and we are ready! 

Go on an Unforgettable Journey

Enjoy Corpus Christi Tours, LLC offers sightseeing, historical, cemetery, ghost, cultural, and other excursions around the city of Corpus Christi as well as other parts of Nueces County and South Texas. We are especially excited about adding tours to the Rockport-Fulton area in Aransas County!

You can choose to explore the fun and artistic side of our culturally diverse community by taking one of our Art Tours, Ghost Tours, or Family Fun Treks. Or, you can be surrounded by all the historical sites in our beautiful city when you take our Sightseeing Historical Tour or Cemetery Tour. With our guidance, families and individuals of all ages can see and experience all the splendid things that our area has to offer.

We can customize a tour to meet your family's needs. Or, we can plan a trip out of town for your special group -- maybe a Wine Tour is what you are looking for!

Welcome to our visitors from all over the world! During the warmer months we enjoy touring with so many of our fellow Texans. Most of our visitors in the summer are from San Antonio, and we love to tour with our neighbors as well as those who come from greater distances. In the cooler months, we give a warm welcome to our visitors from much colder regions! Again, welcome to all!!

Who We Are

As Told by Susan Trevino, Owner

Hello! For many years, my husband, Rene, and I have enjoyed travelling to near and far destinations. However, nothing compares to home—Corpus Christi. We want to share its distinct and colorful culture as well as the history, art, and other unique aspects of South Texas with you.

Rene was born and raised in Corpus Christi. On the other hand, I arrived in Corpus Christi a bit later on in life and graduated from Corpus Christi State University (now Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi). Both he and I have lived here ever since. We have had the pleasure of raising our children here and seeing our city grow.

Together we have worked in the management and marketing industry -- with a combined total of over 60 years of experience. Driven by our passion for travelling and our love for Corpus Christi, we immediately jumped into action as soon as we had the opportunity to work on this new venture of travel and tours.


Susan and Rene Trevino

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