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Join us on one of our extraordinary tours - Sightseeing Historical, Cemetery, Art, Rockport-Fulton, Family Fun Trek, Nature Eco Experience, Seasonal, or Customized Tours!

Experience the diversity of the Corpus Christi art scene by viewing and learning about public art along the tour route, seeing our many colorful murals, and visiting unique galleries and studios with us. Of course, there will be an opportunity to purchase that very special piece of art!

We offer upgrades. Our tours can be customized to meet your special interests and schedules. Several of our packages have optional lunch meals or cocktails and appetizers.

Our Packages

Sightseeing Historical Tours

During the course of this 2-hour tour, you will visit unique points of interest, including the Port of Corpus Christi (one of the largest ports in the USA), the oldest Federal Cemetery in Texas, as well as some of the oldest homes and buildings in our city. Hear about the events that shaped our history – shipwrecks, encounters with Native American Indians, boundary disputes, wars, yellow fever epidemics, and hurricanes.

Our historical tours cost $29.95 per person and include stops for photographs and better views of historical sites. During these stops, you may step off the van to explore or may remain in the van until the next site.  (A minimum of two people is required for this tour.) 

Reservations are required.  Call 361-696-9006 to reserve your seats.

Departure times: 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM* (Monday – Sunday)

*Please call to inquire about alternate departure time availability.


You can now experience what our unique South Texas culture is all about!  

Spanish, Mexican, and South Texas traditions have blended to form our rich Tex-Mex culture.  On this journey together, you may wonder if we have entered Mexico as we visit a Mexican grocery store, bakery, and candy store!  You will be mesmerized by all the colorful displays!  We will sample pan dulce (sweet bread) and aguas frescas (fruit drinks)!  And, of course, you will have an opportunity to shop in a delightful Mexican market!  We will visit a serene Catholic church and learn why Our Lady of Guadalupe is beloved in Mexico and South Texas.  We will have an opportunity to learn more about faith healing from a family of curanderos.  And you know there will be Tejano music, colorful art, and much more as you experience our Tex-Mex world!  VAMANOS!

Our Tex-Mex Experience costs $36 per person and takes two and a half to three hours.  This is definitely a hands-on experience, and we will be getting in and out of the van frequently!  (Note:  Every venue is not necessarily open every day so guide will make appropriate substitutions.)

Departure times:  1:00 PM* (Monday - Saturday)

*Please call to inquire about alternate departure time availability.


On this adult-only experience, we will enjoy "spirits" at three unique bars in downtown Corpus Christi.  True stories of untimely death and murder will join us!  We will visit our city's first morgue, the site of an international haunted hoax, and scene of murder and mayhem!  As an added bonus, we will conclude our Happy Hour Experience of the Macabre by exploring in near darkness a 1929 spirit-filled building

Our Happy Hour Experience of the Macabre is $28 per person, and the experience takes approximately two hours.  Each person joining the experience will be responsible for any food, beverages, or other purchases made during the experience.  Bringing cash for purchase payments will facilitate a smooth transition from one haunted site to to the next!

Departure times:  Variable, but usually between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM (Monday - Thursday)

Cemetery Tours

Visit five beautiful and historic cemeteries during this 2-hour tour. Hear the personal stories of some of our earliest citizens, walk among their burial sites, see unique monuments that tell their own story, see the mass burial ground for hundreds of hurricane victims, and much more.


Our Cemetery Tours cost $33/person and includes orange juice. This tour may not be available during our hottest months, typically June through September.


Departure time: 9:00 AM (Monday-Sunday)

Art Tours

Experience the diversity of the Corpus Christi art scene by viewing public art along the tour route and visiting unique galleries and studios with us. Our art tours will include stops at a minimum of four art galleries or studios. Art pieces will also be available for purchase.


This tour lasts for approximately two hours at a cost of $29.95 per person.


We offer upgrade options that may include lunch or appetizers and a cocktail or sipping champagne during the tour. Please give us a call for more details.


Departure time: 9:30 AM and 2:00 PM (Tuesday - Saturday)

Ghost Tours

Enjoy Corpus Christi Tours LLC provides a premier ghost hunting experience! We explore inside a 1929 haunted building, and we visit 13 other haunted sites that will give you chills and thrills. Hear the stories and the history behind these haunted locations and what other guests have encountered.

Take lots of photos and try to capture orbs, apparitions, or fascinating energy fields. This tour is a two-hour night adventure that will have you taking a second look at every unexpected shadow! Come prepared to do some exploring. We hop on and off our air-conditioned van as we move from location to location!

This tour costs $28 per person.

Departure time: 6:15 PM to 8:30 PM (depends on sunset) Every Evening


Rockport-Fulton-Lamar Excursion

Discover the Rockport-Fulton-Lamar areas.....then and now during this four-hour, half-day excursion. Enjoy hearing and seeing the history of these colorful communities on the South Texas Coast which took a direct hit from Hurricane Harvey in 2017 - only 30 minutes away from Corpus Christi. See for yourself how this area has risen and is continuing to rise from difficulties and destruction. See the famous Windswept Oaks, popular bayfront scenes, thriving marinas, and historical sites and ruins. Witness the array of wonderful adventures available - shopping, art, dining, birding, fishing, and boating. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of an amazing shrine right on Aransas Bay, tour the Fulton Mansion in the seaport village of Fulton, wander through a beautiful art gallery that has quite the tale to tell, explore the San Antonio Aransas Pass Railroad Depot Museum, and much more on this truly unique experience. 


Our Rockport-Fulton-Lamar Excursion costs $55/person and includes stops for photographs, better views of scenic sites, and shopping. Any entry fees are included, including the Fulton Mansion tour.  A four person minimum is required for this excursion.  If the four person minimum is not reached, the excursion will cost $65/person.  

Add-ons are available on this excursion.  We can plan a delightful lunch or stop for cocktails.  Add-ons may add additional time and there will be an additional cost based on how you would like to customize your excursion.


Departure time: 8:30 AM* (Tuesday-Saturday)


*Please call to inquire about alternate departure time availability.



Family Fun Trek

Two-hour tour with a twist! Family-oriented tour that combines sightseeing, a wee bit of history, a dab of art, a speck of spooky ghost stories, and a whole lot of fun! We spend more time out of the van than in, but we cover a whole lot of ground! We use a spy scope to see native wildlife and locations of Japanese kamikaze attacks, and we even explore a haunted movie theater built in 1929!


Our Family Fun Trek cost: Children 4 and under are free, ages 5-14 are $21, and ages 15 and up are $29.95.


Departure times: 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM* (Monday - Sunday)


*Please call to inquire about alternate departure time availability.


Nature Eco Experience

Experience the unique ecology of the coastal plains during this 3-hour tour. This experience has been designed for those who want a bit of exercise and a closer encounter with our ever-changing climate which may be cool and dry, hot and humid, still or windy! You may choose three venues to explore from our list of suggestions. Do you want to see beautiful orchids, butterflies, and parrots? Maybe a short hike next to the Oso Bay and a view of a newly discovered Native American burial ground would be something you would enjoy. Would you prefer a half-mile loop hike through mesquite trees and cacti to see the Oso Bay wetlands? Or, maybe you are looking forward to getting your feet sandy on one of our Gulf of Mexico beaches! It's your experience, you choose!


Our Nature Eco Experience costs  $150 for two.  Each additional person costs $25/person.  Entry into the Botanical Gardens is not included in this pricing.


Departure time: 9:00 A.M.* (Monday-Sunday)


*Please call to inquire about alternate departure time availability.


Cultural and Seasonal Tours


Christmas Lights Tours

The best way to enjoy the splendor of Christmas Lights is with your family and friends on this two-hour Seasonal Tour. You will visit the very best light displays in Corpus Christi.

There will be several opportunities to get out of the van and take pictures. Our Christmas Lights Tour costs $295 for up to 12 people on your private tour.

Departure time: 6:00 PM nightly between December 11, 2020 and December 23, 2020

Customized Tours

Our tours may be customized to meet your special interests - just ask!

Tour Departures

Unless otherwise arranged or noted, all tours depart from the parking lot adjacent to the Art Center of Corpus Christi at 100 N. Shoreline Boulevard, Corpus Christi, Texas. This parking lot is located on the north side of the Art Center and is also adjacent to the seawall.


We offer discounts to active military personnel.

Gift Certificates

Additionally, we also have gift certificates available for our tours. For more information, please get in touch with us.

Refund Policy

Should you need to cancel your tour with us, our refund policies are as follows:

Seven-Day Cancellation Notice: Full Refund

Four-to Six-Day Cancellation Notice: 50% Refund

Three-Day or Less Cancellation Notice: No Refund

Client Feedback

As a team, we take pride in being able to impart our knowledge about the area to the tourists who choose our services. See what our clients have to say about our services and how they had fun on their tours by reading the comments they have shared with us:

"The tour was amazing. I learned so much, and I couldn't wait to go buy one of the books Susan recommended."

- S. Duran (Portland, Texas)

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